Terms Of Business

  1. The proprietor of this website is Cotswold Barristers Ltd, a company providing management, marketing and client care services for Cotswold Barristers (Chambers of Mark Smith).
  2. Nothing on this website should be taken as legal advice.
  3. Legal advice is only given by a barrister, and only after instructions are given and accepted in writing and under the terms contained in a client care letter.
  4. Cotswold Barristers provide 15 minute free telephone advice by appointment, and advice in one-hour fixed fee conferences by appointment. This advice is legal advice and all professional rules applicable to barristers in practice apply to it.  No obligation arises on either barrister or client as a result of either event taking place.
  5. Written advice is only given after a fixed fee conference.
  6. If a client decides to adopt all or any of the advice given then an agreement of individual terms of business is entered into by the barrister and client in the form of a signed client care letter setting out the scope of instructions and the fee arrangements. This arrangement forms the contract between barrister and client.

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